Florida Professional License Information

Your Florida Professional License is one of your most prized possessions. You’ve worked hard to get it and keeping your license means the difference between prosperity and financial hardship.  In Florida, certain professionals and businesses are required by state law to obtain and hold a valid license.  The Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code contain requirements for licensure of various businesses and professionals.

In Florida, the vast majority of license applications only take 30 to 60 days to be processed depending upon which state agency you are dealing with and what their rules require.  Many offer an online application process.  Some require more documentation.  Generally, if an agency analyst reviewing the application believes that there is more information the applicant needs to submit or there is missing information on the application a notification will be sent to the applicant in the form of a “Notice of Intent to Deem Application” Incomplete or a letter to that effect giving you 10-30 days or so (depending on the agency) to provide supplemental information. An application shall be considered complete upon receipt of all requested information and correction of any error omission for which the applicant was timely notified or when the time for such notification has expired If you fail to provide the additional information to the agency within the deadline timeframe your application will be denied.  In extremely rare instances you might be able to get the agency to accept information after the deadline, however, this is rarely done.

Agencies also issue what are known as “Notices of Intent to Deny” setting forth reasons why the agency is going to deny the license.  Under Florida law, you have the right to appeal the denial of a license.